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Science Practicals

BioGrad Examination Centre at Liverpool, London and Oxford

Where can I do my A Level Science Practicals?

If you have already completed your practical endorsement with your school last year, we will be able to transfer it to this year. And you will be able to do the examinations at our centre. For us to be able to transfer, we will need the proof of your results and your UCI number you have used at the time you carreied out your practical endorsements.

If you have not done your Science Practicals, you will need to gain the endorsement to be able to take the examinations. We are partnered with BioGrad, the laboratory and clinical training centre, who can offer you the courses in receiving practical endorsement. You will then be able to take the examinations at our centre.

Book your Science Practical Now

When you book your practical sessions with BioGrad, please select Ark Education Centre or Decca Group LTD as your exam centre from the drop-down list.

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BioGrad Examination Centre at Liverpool, London and Oxdord offers a unique set of laboratory based practical endorsement courses that support all the requirements of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics assessed practicals for OCR, AQA, Pearson Edexcel, and Eduqas. The programmes have been developed by real research scientists and qualified assessors with input from exam officers to fulfil all criteria of the A-level practical endorsements. All sessions are taught in very small group sizes so that students have the opportunity to spend quality time with the scientists and have time to make (safe) mistakes, learn and try again until they are confident in their work. BioGrad laboratories are world-class research facilities and our courses are held with real scientists. The BioGrad programme is designed for students who wish to invest their time and energy into developing real laboratory skills that will ultimately get them into work/university whilst also developing their theoretical knowledge to support their A-level studies. These courses are more than just obtaining the minimum requirement to pass. Our staff spend a great deal of time and effort adding ‘extra value’ evening activities, showing students the real experiments that they use in their own work and writing references after the courses.

You can contact us for more information, or you can contact BioGrad directly to register to do your Science practicals. Please contact us for more information as we may have discouted schemes and we will forward your information to BioGrad.

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Course Details


The cost of this course is £799.

You can reserve your place on this course with a deposit of just £199.75 if you are booking more than 28 days in advance. The remaining balance is due four weeks prior to the course start date

You can also choose to pay for this course in 6 instalments if you are booking more than 26 weeks in advance, or 12 instalments if you are booking more than 54 weeks in advance


Science Park, Liverpool, L3 5TF

Oxford International College, Oxford, OX4 1BD

Regent High School, London, NW1 1RX

Duration: This course lasts for 5 days 9:30am - 4pm


Phone: 0151 482 9695


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